CEO's Challenge: Initiating Leadership with an External Specialist
Tuesday, 12 March 2024 / Published in News

It is believed that specialists who have been sincerely working for the company for many years can be an excellent choice when choosing a new CEO for the company because they know the company’s culture and operational processes. However, they can be too devoted to details, which in rare cases can overshadow the company’s long-term goals and vision. On the other hand, bringing in a specialist from the outside poses a visible risk due to the impending strong resistance of the employees, which can lead to a decrease in employee loyalty and inefficient work. However, on the bright side, an external specialist often finds it easier to identify longstanding issues within the company that may have been accepted internally as routine. Of course, there is no single and absolute answer, but CONSTRO wants to share its experience and journey in implementing the decision to entrust the helm of the company’s operations to an outside specialist.

Criteria for a CEO – a set of personal qualities and skills

When selecting the company’s leader, CONSTRO’s shareholders emphasize the significance of personal qualities. “We paid significant attention to the personal values the potential CEO upholds,” stated shareholder Antanas Borumas. Another shareholder, Martynas Tamulis, underscored, “Since the inception of the company, we have cultivated it based on core values – respect, progress, word. Therefore, we couldn’t envision it being any different.” Shareholders highlighted the importance of skills alongside values. “Leadership experience, the ability to navigate stressful situations, and the capacity to inspire and motivate teams are also paramount,” added A. Borumas. Guided by these and other criteria, the extensive search and selection process spanning over half a year culminated in a successful outcome, welcoming Aurimas Beniuševičius as the new CEO to the team.


The start-up and challenges of a CEO

After joining the company, the manager faces no less challenging questions: How will the company’s employees, especially the longstanding ones, react to the new manager from outside? What should communication with shareholders entail when determining a strategic direction? Will the observed set of internal processes and competencies align with the reality within the company? Will the company’s shareholders be courageous enough to grant decision-making freedom and embrace new ideas for implementing changes? With these and many other questions in mind, Aurimas Beniuševičius, the new CEO from outside, joined CONSTRO over half a year ago.

A. Beniuševičius revealed that personal psychology and emotional balance were among the key skills that had to be developed both before and after obtaining the role of CEO. “I think this is something I will continue to pursue for the rest of my life,” the new head of the company shared, accompanied by a smile. A. Beniuševičius asserts that upon assuming responsibility for the organization’s success, employee well-being, and the strategic direction and implementation of the company, it’s natural for challenges, risks, and obligations to arise. “But that’s what makes this role intriguing; not a single day is monotonous or dull,” Aurimas emphasized the advantages of the position.

Enterprise as Project Management

One of A. Beniuševičius’s main strengths is his extensive experience in project management. “I’ve always believed that specialists with many years of project management experience can effectively lead a company. After all, a company is essentially one large project,” asserts Aurimas. When comparing project and company management, the new CEO identifies key similarities – planning is paramount in both realms. By crafting a comprehensive plan encompassing strategic objectives and smaller procedural adjustments, it becomes easier to delineate specific actions toward achieving the overarching goal.

After more than half a year in the CEO’s role, A. Beniuševičius expresses immense satisfaction with the steadfast support of a highly motivated team of professionals in the company and the gained trust of shareholders in pursuit of goals and transformations.

CEO's Challenge: Initiating Leadership with an External Specialist

For those contemplating change

A. Beniusevičius advises future CEOs who are considering changes to get ready and prepare for the fact that their lives will change radically. “In my case, there have been many changes – from new obligations and responsibilities to changing my place of residence and moving from Vilnius to the seaside,” said the CEO of CONSTRO about the changes. Aurimas encourages everyone who is considering or doubting not to be afraid to leave their comfort zone, because only new challenges and risks pave the way for personal development. It is important from the first days to spend as much time as possible analyzing and understanding the company’s operating principles and processes, getting to know the company’s culture, identifying strengths and weaknesses, reviewing the main long-term strategic goals, and, if necessary, initiating corrections. Also, it is extremely important to try to create strong relationships with employees and company shareholders. After defining clear, and most importantly, achievable short-term and long-term goals, Aurimas suggests not forgetting to periodically communicate about ongoing changes to the entire team. “Only by forming a transparent, clear, and implementable action plan and ensuring consistent communication about changes to the company’s employees, is it possible to create a strong connection and strong employee involvement in the organization,” A. Beniuševičius asserts.

Future plans and inevitable changes

Working in the dynamic environment of the construction sector, the new CEO foresees no boredom. “The business environment in the construction sector is changing rapidly; for this reason, every organization must adapt,” said A. Beniuševičius about business dynamics. Considering future perspectives and the inevitability of changes, the CEO of CONSTRO pointed out that the pursuit of efficiency, digitalization, and the increasingly prevalent artificial intelligence will bring significant changes to the construction sector. However, to achieve the company’s growth and set goals, its employees play an essential role in the organization’s success. “I can only be pleased that after joining the CONSTRO team, I have met many motivated, creative, and goal-oriented individuals who work both in administration and in objects in Lithuania and abroad. Therefore, we can only hope that this enthusiasm and motivation will not wane, enabling us to reach new heights together,” A. Beniuševičius stated confidently.

Predicting the Construction Landscape in Benelux: Navigating Change
Friday, 29 September 2023 / Published in News

These regions have served as epicenters of construction, driven by urbanization and infrastructure advancements. However, economic changes, inflation, and ongoing events have led to a shift in this landscape. In the following discussion, we will explore the implications of these shifts and examine the predictions for these countries.

The Construction Shift in Belgium

Belgium, a cornerstone in the thriving Benelux construction sector, recorded an impressive market size of $103.4 billion in 2022. This growth is foreseen to grow, with an anticipated Average Annual Growth Rate (AAGR) surpassing 2% from 2024 to 2027. The government’s commitment to enhancing energy and transportation infrastructure drives this movement, as planned in the National Energy-Climate Plan 2021-2030. With ambitious goals to increase the share of renewable energy from 13% in 2020 to 17.2% by 2030, Belgium’s construction landscape truly shines as a model of sustainable development.

Predicting the Construction Landscape in Benelux: Navigating Change

Predictions of the Construction Industry in the Netherlands

In contrast to the burgeoning construction market in Belgium, the Netherlands presents a somewhat different picture. The housing industry has experienced a decrease, and this year has seen a decline in the construction sector between November 2022 and January 2023. While there are signs of recovery with a growing construction percentage, the outlook remains challenging. Experts anticipate a contraction of 2.5% in Dutch construction output for the upcoming year. As the construction dynamics in the Netherlands continue to evolve, CONSTRO is dedicated to adapting and supporting projects in both thriving and challenging environments, demonstrating our commitment to the broader Benelux region.

The Surge in Demand for Skilled Subcontractors

Despite the varying circumstances in each country, the ongoing transformation within the construction industry continues to amplify the demand for skilled professionals capable of transforming architectural visions into reality. Electricians, in particular, have emerged as professionals who can power and connect our modern world. It‘s necessary to note that across 40-80% of all EU countries, skilled manual trades, including electricians, face severe shortages, including in the region of the mentioned countries. Given the ongoing construction upswing and current labor shortages, it’s evident that subcontractors will continue to be in high demand, playing a pivotal role in shaping the industry’s future. At CONSTRO, we take pride in contributing to this thriving environment. Our skilled subcontractor services, specializing in electrical and welding expertise, align seamlessly with the construction aspirations of both Belgium and the Netherlands. We’re here to support and lead the way in the upcoming growth of subcontracting needs in the dynamic Benelux construction landscape.

Predicting the Construction Landscape in Benelux: Navigating Change

Looking Ahead

As we continue navigating the Benelux construction industry dynamics and beyond, we remain deeply committed to being more than just subcontractors. Our journey in Belgium and the Netherlands is a testament to CONSTRO’s adaptability, expertise, and commitment to quality. We are proud to be part of the construction industry’s growth story in this dynamic region, and we invite you to join us on this exciting journey toward a brighter, more sustainable future in construction.

The Power of Choosing a Subcontractor that Offers Electrical and Welding Services
Friday, 30 June 2023 / Published in News

Streamlined Project Coordination

Who doesn’t love a smooth workflow? By selecting a subcontractor that provides both electrical and welding services, you can bid farewell to delays and miscommunication. Imagine the satisfaction of having a single subcontractor seamlessly integrate their services, ensuring a harmonious workflow from start to finish. This not only saves time but also minimizes the risk of errors or conflicts between trades, making your project a well-oiled machine. This is achieved as you will be dealing with the same project and sales department, who are basing their work on the same practices and are reaching the same goal.

Simplify Documentation

Ah, the dreaded paperwork! Endless signatures, and phone calls to verify legal documents – it’s enough to drive anyone crazy. But fear not! Opting for a subcontractor that offers both electrical and welding services simplifies your life. With one subcontractor handling it all, your time management regarding documentation will skyrocket. Choosing both services with CONSTRO will fast-track your projects because paperwork and agreements will obtain a similar structure and you will not need to worry about lack of reliability.

The Power of Choosing a Subcontractor that Offers Electrical and Welding Services

Improved Quality Control

We all want our projects to shine with top-notch quality, right? But ensuring control over quality can be challenging when different companies have varying standards and practices. That’s where a subcontractor providing multiple services comes in. Choosing such a subcontractor empowers you with better control over the quality of work. They’ll ensure strict adherence to industry regulations and project specifications. What’s more, their holistic understanding of the project allows them to identify and address potential conflicts or compatibility issues between electrical and welding systems upfront. This proactive approach to quality control minimizes rework, enhances safety, and delivers craftsmanship of the highest standard.

Streamlined Troubleshooting

Now, let’s face it: no project is immune to minor hiccups along the way. But fear not! Having a single subcontractor responsible for both electrical and welding services is a game-changer when it comes to troubleshooting. They become your go-to heroes, swiftly identifying and addressing problems. As a company, we stand not only to minimize downtime but also to ensure that potential disruptions are swiftly handled.

Long-Term Relationship

From a single service to a dual partnership, choosing a subcontractor that provides both electrical and welding services paves the way for a stronger relationship. This work dynamic sets the stage for long-term collaboration, benefiting your future projects. With an in-depth understanding of your unique requirements and preferences, the subcontractor becomes an invaluable asset for your ventures to come.

Why Choose 2in1?

The benefits of combining electrical and welding services under one subcontractor are simply undeniable. Streamlined project coordination, simplified documentation, improved quality control, seamless troubleshooting, and the potential for long-term relationships are just a glimpse of what this approach offers. Whether it’s a construction project, a manufacturing facility, or an industrial installation, partnering with the company as CONSTRO which offers both electrical and welding services will open doors to smoother workflows, cost-effective solutions, and ultimately, greater project success. So, when selecting subcontractors, consider the immense value that this integrated approach can bring to your next venture.

TOP 5 Myths About Subcontracting
Monday, 27 March 2023 / Published in News

Nr. 1 – Subcontractors are not reliable

Trust issues? Do not worry about thinking that subcontractors are not as reliable as full-time employees. In fact, during the times when you feel that you need a superman, who consumes multiple manpower with specialized skills, CONSTRO is here to save the day. The employees we obtain are experts in their fields and have a wealth of knowledge and experience that not only can but most certainly will benefit your business. We specialize in electricity and welding works and obtain all the needed certifications; therefore we are offering to bring unique skills to the project and ensure that it is completed to the highest standard.

Nr. 2 – Subcontracting is expensive

Budget, income, expenses, financial plan – these are often the words one is hearing when starting a project. These are also phrases that build a myth that subcontracting is more expensive than hiring full-time employees. This is not always the case, as subcontractors are not entitled to benefits, such as health insurance, training, or paid time off. Companies like CONSTRO provide certified employees, who are dressed and equipped with their own tools and robes. We also provide our own housing and transportation and that makes a cost-effective solution for your business.

TOP 5 Myths About Subcontracting

Nr. 3 – Subcontractors are not accountable

As in any other healthy relationship, we stand that running away from problems will not fix issues and will definitely not lead to a happy partnership. Therefore, a myth that states that subcontractors are not accountable for their work and easily can walk away from a project if things go wrong – is false. Not only because our integrity is clear, but also because we are bound by a contract that outlines responsibilities and obligations. We as a company value what we are committed to and always stand by our word.

Nr. 4 – Subcontracting is only for large businesses

Some medium size business owners believe that subcontracting is only for large businesses that have the resources to hire outside help. However, you should not think like that. Subcontracting can be beneficial for businesses of all sizes, especially those that have limited resources. CONSTRO can adapt to your requirements and provide from small to the large size of teams. We are always encouraging you to contact us and talk about what possibilities there can be that would suit both parties involved.

Nr. 5 – Subcontractors are not as committed as full-time employees

Finally, as the myth busters, we are presenting the final popular statement – subcontractors are not as committed to their work as full-time employees. We would like to stand against such beliefs. Why? Because subcontractors are committed to providing high-quality services to their clients, and many of them work on long-term projects that require a high level of dedication and commitment. CONSTRO is a company that takes pride in its work and is committed to building long-term relationships with its clients. We are happy by maintaining clients for several years and continuously working on their various projects.

Subcontractors can be a business accelerator

We want to say that subcontracting is a valuable business tool that can help businesses of all sizes to streamline their operations and reduce costs. The myths and misconceptions surrounding subcontracting can be dispelled by choosing a reputable company like CONSTRO. By hiring us, businesses can benefit from high-quality electrical engineering, industrial & commercial construction, and shipbuilding & repair services.

Common mistakes and how to solve them in subcontracting business
Monday, 05 December 2022 / Published in News

No communication plan

We bet there is no strategy existing that would not involve the magical word – „communication “. This list is no different as consistent communication is key in the subcontracting business sector. Without it, wrong assumptions and ideas can interfere with the process. It is necessary to schedule regular meetings and calls to share the process with your clients. This method allows you to avoid or address any potential issues or apprehension. Controlled and planned communication will also build a better business relationship with your partners, as that shows how serious you are about your work.

Incorrectly assessing time and budget

We all know the saying – time is money. That is a literal term to describe the subcontracting business. The mistake that usually can be made is overestimating your possibilities. Therefore, to succeed you must set realistic goals. Make sure that all parties involved agree with commitments and plans and everyone would be counted accountable so the project could be completed as close to deadlines and on budget.

Assuming all closeout documents are the same

As boring as it may sound, documentation is crucial to the business. Doing it right avoids any legal misconduct and shows the client the professionalism of your company. It is a must to carefully read and understand what is required. As papers can differ depending on the project, we suggest obtaining a legal advisor for such matters.

Common mistakes and how to solve them in subcontracting business

Not having an effective sales process

The sales process is combined from several key points, which must be operated correctly. First of all, know who your „Top Tier“ customer is. It means that you have to define the qualities of your client and determine how this definition will affect your profit plan. Then even if it seems obvious – you must sell effectively. Knowing the market and its pricing is crucial, you have to be ready to explain what benefits you are giving and how it affects your pricing. Further, keep your promises. Building relationship in a subcontracting business is a long-term commitment. You don‘t want to ruin it, by giving false pledges to the client. 

Avoiding scheduling issues

As you read it on the subline – do not avoid schedule issues. Ignoring such issues can give you a snowball effect – it starts with a small snow roll and grows out into a mountain avalanche. Such a manner can outgrow into problems within your work process as well as cause doubts about your reliability for the client. Collaborative and integrated management is necessary to avoid such troubles. 

Overestimating or underestimating costs

Projects are like living organisms, which means their development can be impacted by a variety of environmental causes. That is why it is necessary to make a detailed costing plan. If you underestimate it, you will lose money on already coveted jobs. Make sure to gather detailed information to get as close as possible to the circumstantial finance plan. 

How to build and maintain successful relationships with B2B clients
Thursday, 14 July 2022 / Published in News

How to know what client to look for?

How do we find our matching puzzle piece? First, set your goals as it will give you a clear focus on your business’s direction. Then, choose the main elements that are your priority. Martynas suggests focusing on your company’s activity, financial level, and approach to the market. With these steps, you will be able to narrow down your target audience based on your own needs. 

How to build and maintain successful relationships with B2B clients

First minutes with the client

You managed to get your first date; the question is – how to deliver a good first impression? We advise you to sell the meeting and not the product. In 2021 HubSpot made research, which stated that 60% of the clients are more likely to connect later – after they made evaluations on the available market. In other words, you have a few minutes to make an imposing impression before receiving a second call. Martynas’ secret on how to do it – make it personal. Ask questions regarding what problems have been encountered and ensure that it will not happen with you. A great help is having a portfolio as it gives a possibility to the client to learn about the quality and type of your service as well as the general project’s flow.

A portfolio will help as by generating and introducing it, the client has a possibility to learn about the quality and type of your service as well as the general project’s flow.

Maintaining relationship

Now as you managed to make a good first impression, you have to deepen and maintain your relationship. Usually, salespeople are the “first contact” to the client, so it is quite common that they become the face of the company. As the construction industry is highly competitive, it is the salespeople’s job to build a strong connection with the client as that will add predominance in the rivalry of price tags. Even though cold calls are an essential part of the mentioned process, it should be used only to break through the first contact. Our head of sales advice is to focus more on increasing the number of live introductory – face-to-face meetings. We have seen that such technique gives control to shift emotional level and help the client to empathize with the company. If live meetings are not possible – prioritize video calls. In 2020 3veta made research, which stated that 60% of clients prefer video connection compared to other methods. Give questions as to how the project is going, if there are any issues, and be interested in your company’s performing work.

Crisis management

The past few years have brought challenges due to events happening in the world. It affected businesses and client-supplier relationships. Therefore, Martynas suggests that in moments of crisis your management tool is – compromises. Asking how your company can help, is an effective way to maintain a relationship and look for the best option to minimalize financial damages. Listen to the client and be flexible, whether they want to finish the project quicker or postpone it. In 2020 survey was made by Shep Hyken, which stated that 96% of clients would consider switching their supplier due to poor customer service. That is why our Head of Sales concluded that providing flexible solutions regarding financial challenges becomes a huge trust driver for clients. Be willing to shift your plans if needed and it might not only help you to avoid damages but also consolidate your relationship with the client.

Long term relationship

Now that the first butterflies are over, what’s the next step? We are saying – commitment and a long-term relationship. Don’t sweat it, it might seem like a lot, but it is the main goal, which brings many benefits to the table. From the company’s point of view, it will bring stability and a possibility to grow. We feel that working with the best corporations in various countries brings network possibilities and security for a lifetime. From a technical point of view – it becomes easier to deal with emerging issues which leads to better results in projects and administration itself. So how can you reach this phase? Follow the steps mentioned above and put your company’s strengths on the high point. As we are working in multiple countries our legal terms are very strong, therefore there a very little to no issues regarding administrational work. However, be sure not to rest on laurels. If you come to a problem, admit it and fix it. In 2018 Sprout Social made a survey, which illustrated that 9 in 10 people would give a second chance to a company, which is and has a history of transparency and tells its story as it is.

Adding everything up 

As it was mentioned, the construction sector is highly competitive. If your provided service does not meet the expectations of the client you will not reach success. Therefore, the production department has to make sure that everything is done on their side. However, if that is done and you can manage to build a work relationship with the client it will let you stand out from the crowd. Based on all the topics that we‘ve discussed, we can say one thing – follow these pieces of advice, build a connection and it will become a core of your successful business.

RECOMMENDATION. Mindaugas sees CONSTRO as a very perspective and up-growing company
Monday, 26 July 2021 / Published in News

Recently, the company is rapidly improving and growing. Working in a good team is very important because it lets you feel good not only at work but also after work. During our days off we are going to the lake or sea. Before the COVID-19 pandemic has started, we were going to the cinema, bar, or club at weekends. At the moment I am working in Sweden. I was really surprised that a new team has met me very friendly, and has let me adapt to the environment and work easily.

RECOMMENDATION. Mindaugas sees CONSTRO as a very perspective and up-growing company

During my career in CONSTRO, I have visited Germany, Ireland, Finland, and Sweden. The knowledge that I get and the variety of visited places is an invaluable experience for me. I am very happy with the salary rise during these years. It cheers me up and motivates me to grow and improve. The CONSTRO company I would recommend for my friends, acquaintances, and everyone around me because here I am encouraged to travel, grow, and improve.

Exceptional CONSTRO Project with a European Dimension
Monday, 29 June 2020 / Published in News

A construction unit that required over 20 years of harmonisation work

Planning for the construction of Terminal 3 of Frankfurt Airport and negotiations with the City of Frankfurt began as early as in 1997. Due to the large-scale construction project, the harmonisation had taken more than 20 years before the implementation of the project finally started in 2018.
Frankfurt Airport currently offers direct flights to 130 countries around the world. Due to the popularity of the airport and the sharp increase in the flows of passenger traffic, the capacities of Terminal 1 and 2 are no longer sufficient to meet all needs of the travellers; therefore, the design work for Terminal 3 has been initiated.

Exceptional CONSTRO Project with a European Dimension

Pier G – a facility with a capacity to serve 4-5 million passengers

The initial phase of the implementation of Terminal 3 started with the construction and installation of Pier G, so that the organisation of flights could start as early as the end of 2021. The construction of Pier G is scheduled to be completed 2 years earlier than the entire Terminal 3. According to plans, Pier G will initially serve 4 to 5 million passengers, and, following the completion of the entire Terminal 3, the number of passengers is expected to increase up to 6-7 million.


Planned capacities of Terminal 3.

Customer trust and experience led to a successful start of the work

The installation of Pier G is planned to be completed by 2021 and the flights are scheduled to start already in the winter. This means that the construction companies and their employees involved are virtually participating in a kind of a marathon. One of these is our company, CONSTRO. We have undertaken to perform electrical installation work at Terminal 3 Pier G of the Frankfurt Airport.

Exceptional CONSTRO Project with a European Dimension
Work process for Terminal 3 Pier G.

When performing works for the Frankfurt Airport project, the efficient planning, as well as the quick and accurate completion of the planned work is of extreme importance. It is worth mentioning that following the completion of the Pier G project we will have installed and connected about 337 km of cables. This number means a distance nearly 50 km longer than a driving distance from Berlin to Hamburg. Furthermore, some of the work has to be carried out at a height of up to 10 meters. For this reason, only highly qualified professionals with extensive experience perform the works at the Pier G project. We are cooperating with other companies that perform construction and structural work in order to achieve the ultimate goal: the opening of Terminal 3 Pier G of the Frankfurt Airport in due time and launching the first flights in the winter of 2021.

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