We are pleased that CONSTRO has grown and, through the timely and high-quality fulfilment of its obligations over years, has gained the trust of its customers. The accumulated experience and close cooperation with customers have yielded results, and this year we started work on a project of national importance – the Terminal 3, Pier G of the Frankfurt Airport.

A construction unit that required over 20 years of harmonisation work

Planning for the construction of Terminal 3 of Frankfurt Airport and negotiations with the City of Frankfurt began as early as in 1997. Due to the large-scale construction project, the harmonisation had taken more than 20 years before the implementation of the project finally started in 2018.
Frankfurt Airport currently offers direct flights to 130 countries around the world. Due to the popularity of the airport and the sharp increase in the flows of passenger traffic, the capacities of Terminal 1 and 2 are no longer sufficient to meet all needs of the travellers; therefore, the design work for Terminal 3 has been initiated.

Source: Fraport AG / © Christoph Mäckler Architekten

Pier G – a facility with a capacity to serve 4-5 million passengers

The initial phase of the implementation of Terminal 3 started with the construction and installation of Pier G, so that the organisation of flights could start as early as the end of 2021. The construction of Pier G is scheduled to be completed 2 years earlier than the entire Terminal 3. According to plans, Pier G will initially serve 4 to 5 million passengers, and, following the completion of the entire Terminal 3, the number of passengers is expected to increase up to 6-7 million.

Planned capacities of Terminal 3.

Customer trust and experience led to a successful start of the work

The installation of Pier G is planned to be completed by 2021 and the flights are scheduled to start already in the winter. This means that the construction companies and their employees involved are virtually participating in a kind of a marathon. One of these is our company, CONSTRO. We have undertaken to perform electrical installation work at Terminal 3 Pier G of the Frankfurt Airport.

Work process for Terminal 3 Pier G.

When performing works for the Frankfurt Airport project, the efficient planning, as well as the quick and accurate completion of the planned work is of extreme importance. It is worth mentioning that following the completion of the Pier G project we will have installed and connected about 337 km of cables. This number means a distance nearly 50 km longer than a driving distance from Berlin to Hamburg. Furthermore, some of the work has to be carried out at a height of up to 10 meters. For this reason, only highly qualified professionals with extensive experience perform the works at the Pier G project. We are cooperating with other companies that perform construction and structural work in order to achieve the ultimate goal: the opening of Terminal 3 Pier G of the Frankfurt Airport in due time and launching the first flights in the winter of 2021.

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