Industrial And Commercial Construction

Every industrial and commercial construction project is characterized by its distinct requirements, necessitating a tailored engineering solution. At CONSTRO, our specialists are committed to delivering the most optimal engineering solutions for project execution. Our professionals take care of the following works: steel buildings and structures, pipeline systems, storage tanks, HVAC installation at worksite, welding and fitting works.

The competencies and skills of our specialists allow us to offer the organisation and execution of the highest quality work for project implementation from start to finish. For this reason, we can offer our customers the most efficient solutions tailored for optimal resource allocation.

Using our available resources, we are able to find the most suitable solution in order to implement the client’s vision and fulfil their needs to the greatest possible extent. Looking for a reliable partner for implementing INDUSTRIAL AND COMMERCIAL CONSTRUCTION solutions? Contact us and we will find a solution that best suits your needs.

Industrial And Commercial Construction

We are trusted by

Steel buildings and structures

  • Steel structures installation
  • Pre-fabrication of steels structures at customers’ workshop
  • Sandwich panels installation
  • TRP panel installation

Pipeline systems

  • Installation at worksite
  • Pre-fabrication at customers’ workshop

Storage tanks

  • Installation at worksite
  • Pre-fabrication at customers’ workshop

HVAC installation at worksite

  • Installation in industrial buildings
  • Installation in commercial buildings

Welding and fitting works

  • Various types of welding and fitting works using welding processes 111, 135 (138), 136, 141

Completed projects