Installation of structures and equipment for the food processing industry



Installation of grain storage and processing equipment with a total weight of about 300 tons.
  • Installation of two Cimbria dryers (AMG-35 VD180 LM DUAL + 8xCF-30) with dimensions of 3.9×12.1×30.0 m.
  • Installation of two Cimbria cleaners type DELTA 159 with inlet hoppers and cyclofans, measuring 4.5×2.3×2.5 m.
  • Installation of two grain receiving pits for trucks with dimensions of 3×18 m.
  • Installation of Symaga 3.5⌀-T45 silo towers for loading trucks and Symaga 4.6⌀-T45 silo towers for loading trains with tracks and supporting structures.
  • Installation of Cimbria chain conveyor with sliding gates and motors: RL-8 - 716m; RL-5 - 9m; RL-3 - 18m.
  • Installation of Cimbria bucket elevator ED-12 - 320m.
  • Installation of pipelines with valves.