Established in 2008, today we are a certified company operating in the areas of industrial construction, production and installation of metal structures and pipeline systems, shipbuilding and repair, and electrical engineering. The growth in the range of our services, number of our employees and their qualification, and our production volumes, enables us to provide services to more and more different countries in Europe and Asia.

Since 2016, we have been sharing our experience with partners:

  • We have been a member of the Lithuanian Welders Association since 2016;
  • We have been a member of the Lithuanian Confederation of Industrialists since 2017;
  • We have been a member of the Lithuanian Engineering Industries Association (LINPRA) since 2018.
  • Manufacture of steel structures for construction sector
  • Installation and welding of steel structures
  • Technological pipeline installation and welding work
  • Installation and welding of pressure vessels, tanks and reservoirs
  • Shipbuilding and repair
  • Electrical engineering


Our services are provided to clients based in 11 countries. We are happy about successfully expanding our activities to the markets of Germany, Sweden, Finland and Norway.


The company currently employs over 200 specialists in their respective fields, each of whom contributes to ensuring the high quality of our services and timely completion of work.


The company has an integrated management system implemented that covers the areas of quality, environmental protection, and occupational safety and health management. Apart from that, our welding specialists are certified according to ISO 9606-1 requirements.