Shipbuilding and Modernization

Effective coordination of shipbuilding and modernization work is a key condition for successful project implementation. In order to implement projects efficiently and in a timely manner, the specialists at CONSTRO rely on the gained experience and clear operating principles. We take care of the projects in the following areas: electrical installation works, assembly of ship hulls, welding and fitting works, HVAC installation, and pipeline systems.

The main criteria we take into account when implementing projects are time, budget management, and keeping to the highest quality requirements. Thanks to the competence of our qualified specialists, we can offer the implementation of projects from the beginning to the end. Our goal is to deliver work that is tailored to meet the precise needs of our customers and to offer alternative solutions that surpass their expectations.

Given the available resources and time costs, we strive to implement projects while maintaining the highest quality standards. Looking for a reliable partner for implementing shipbuilding and modernization solutions? Contact us and we will find a solution that best suits your needs.

Shipbuilding and Modernization

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Electrical installation works

  • Installation of the main and secondary cable trays
  • Cabling works
  • Installation of electrical equipment
  • Installation of safety systems
  • Connection/termination works
  • Testing works of electric current, voltage, and resistance
  • Other electrical installation activities

Assembly of ship hulls

  • Assembling and installation of sections and blocks
  • Outfitting works
  • Sandblasting and painting

Welding and fitting works

  • Various types of welding and fitting works using welding processes 111, 135 (138), 136, 141

HVAC installation

  • Installation of heating system
  • Installation of ventilation and air conditioning equipment
  • Installation of AC rooms
  • Installation of square ducts, spiro - pipes, and metal structures

Pipeline systems

  • Pipeline welding works
  • Installation of pipelines