I am working in CONSTRO for a few years now, and I am very happy. It is the first company that has helped me to go work abroad. Having a variety of projects in CONSTRO is a reason why I have never been without a job.

Recently, the company is rapidly improving and growing. Working in a good team is very important because it lets you feel good not only at work but also after work. During our days off we are going to the lake or sea. Before the COVID-19 pandemic has started, we were going to the cinema, bar, or club at weekends. At the moment I am working in Sweden. I was really surprised that a new team has met me very friendly, and has let me adapt to the environment and work easily.

During my career in CONSTRO, I have visited Germany, Ireland, Finland, and Sweden. The knowledge that I get and the variety of visited places is an invaluable experience for me. I am very happy with the salary rise during these years. It cheers me up and motivates me to grow and improve. The CONSTRO company I would recommend for my friends, acquaintances, and everyone around me because here I am encouraged to travel, grow, and improve.