CEO's Challenge: Initiating Leadership with an External Specialist
Tuesday, 12 March 2024 / Published in News

It is believed that specialists who have been sincerely working for the company for many years can be an excellent choice when choosing a new CEO for the company because they know the company’s culture and operational processes. However, they can be too devoted to details, which in rare cases can overshadow the company’s long-term goals and vision. On the other hand, bringing in a specialist from the outside poses a visible risk due to the impending strong resistance of the employees, which can lead to a decrease in employee loyalty and inefficient work. However, on the bright side, an external specialist often finds it easier to identify longstanding issues within the company that may have been accepted internally as routine. Of course, there is no single and absolute answer, but CONSTRO wants to share its experience and journey in implementing the decision to entrust the helm of the company’s operations to an outside specialist.

Criteria for a CEO – a set of personal qualities and skills

When selecting the company’s leader, CONSTRO’s shareholders emphasize the significance of personal qualities. “We paid significant attention to the personal values the potential CEO upholds,” stated shareholder Antanas Borumas. Another shareholder, Martynas Tamulis, underscored, “Since the inception of the company, we have cultivated it based on core values – respect, progress, word. Therefore, we couldn’t envision it being any different.” Shareholders highlighted the importance of skills alongside values. “Leadership experience, the ability to navigate stressful situations, and the capacity to inspire and motivate teams are also paramount,” added A. Borumas. Guided by these and other criteria, the extensive search and selection process spanning over half a year culminated in a successful outcome, welcoming Aurimas Beniuševičius as the new CEO to the team.


The start-up and challenges of a CEO

After joining the company, the manager faces no less challenging questions: How will the company’s employees, especially the longstanding ones, react to the new manager from outside? What should communication with shareholders entail when determining a strategic direction? Will the observed set of internal processes and competencies align with the reality within the company? Will the company’s shareholders be courageous enough to grant decision-making freedom and embrace new ideas for implementing changes? With these and many other questions in mind, Aurimas Beniuševičius, the new CEO from outside, joined CONSTRO over half a year ago.

A. Beniuševičius revealed that personal psychology and emotional balance were among the key skills that had to be developed both before and after obtaining the role of CEO. “I think this is something I will continue to pursue for the rest of my life,” the new head of the company shared, accompanied by a smile. A. Beniuševičius asserts that upon assuming responsibility for the organization’s success, employee well-being, and the strategic direction and implementation of the company, it’s natural for challenges, risks, and obligations to arise. “But that’s what makes this role intriguing; not a single day is monotonous or dull,” Aurimas emphasized the advantages of the position.

Enterprise as Project Management

One of A. Beniuševičius’s main strengths is his extensive experience in project management. “I’ve always believed that specialists with many years of project management experience can effectively lead a company. After all, a company is essentially one large project,” asserts Aurimas. When comparing project and company management, the new CEO identifies key similarities – planning is paramount in both realms. By crafting a comprehensive plan encompassing strategic objectives and smaller procedural adjustments, it becomes easier to delineate specific actions toward achieving the overarching goal.

After more than half a year in the CEO’s role, A. Beniuševičius expresses immense satisfaction with the steadfast support of a highly motivated team of professionals in the company and the gained trust of shareholders in pursuit of goals and transformations.

CEO's Challenge: Initiating Leadership with an External Specialist

For those contemplating change

A. Beniusevičius advises future CEOs who are considering changes to get ready and prepare for the fact that their lives will change radically. “In my case, there have been many changes – from new obligations and responsibilities to changing my place of residence and moving from Vilnius to the seaside,” said the CEO of CONSTRO about the changes. Aurimas encourages everyone who is considering or doubting not to be afraid to leave their comfort zone, because only new challenges and risks pave the way for personal development. It is important from the first days to spend as much time as possible analyzing and understanding the company’s operating principles and processes, getting to know the company’s culture, identifying strengths and weaknesses, reviewing the main long-term strategic goals, and, if necessary, initiating corrections. Also, it is extremely important to try to create strong relationships with employees and company shareholders. After defining clear, and most importantly, achievable short-term and long-term goals, Aurimas suggests not forgetting to periodically communicate about ongoing changes to the entire team. “Only by forming a transparent, clear, and implementable action plan and ensuring consistent communication about changes to the company’s employees, is it possible to create a strong connection and strong employee involvement in the organization,” A. Beniuševičius asserts.

Future plans and inevitable changes

Working in the dynamic environment of the construction sector, the new CEO foresees no boredom. “The business environment in the construction sector is changing rapidly; for this reason, every organization must adapt,” said A. Beniuševičius about business dynamics. Considering future perspectives and the inevitability of changes, the CEO of CONSTRO pointed out that the pursuit of efficiency, digitalization, and the increasingly prevalent artificial intelligence will bring significant changes to the construction sector. However, to achieve the company’s growth and set goals, its employees play an essential role in the organization’s success. “I can only be pleased that after joining the CONSTRO team, I have met many motivated, creative, and goal-oriented individuals who work both in administration and in objects in Lithuania and abroad. Therefore, we can only hope that this enthusiasm and motivation will not wane, enabling us to reach new heights together,” A. Beniuševičius stated confidently.

Predicting the Construction Landscape in Benelux: Navigating Change
Friday, 29 September 2023 / Published in News

These regions have served as epicenters of construction, driven by urbanization and infrastructure advancements. However, economic changes, inflation, and ongoing events have led to a shift in this landscape. In the following discussion, we will explore the implications of these shifts and examine the predictions for these countries.

The Construction Shift in Belgium

Belgium, a cornerstone in the thriving Benelux construction sector, recorded an impressive market size of $103.4 billion in 2022. This growth is foreseen to grow, with an anticipated Average Annual Growth Rate (AAGR) surpassing 2% from 2024 to 2027. The government’s commitment to enhancing energy and transportation infrastructure drives this movement, as planned in the National Energy-Climate Plan 2021-2030. With ambitious goals to increase the share of renewable energy from 13% in 2020 to 17.2% by 2030, Belgium’s construction landscape truly shines as a model of sustainable development.

Predicting the Construction Landscape in Benelux: Navigating Change

Predictions of the Construction Industry in the Netherlands

In contrast to the burgeoning construction market in Belgium, the Netherlands presents a somewhat different picture. The housing industry has experienced a decrease, and this year has seen a decline in the construction sector between November 2022 and January 2023. While there are signs of recovery with a growing construction percentage, the outlook remains challenging. Experts anticipate a contraction of 2.5% in Dutch construction output for the upcoming year. As the construction dynamics in the Netherlands continue to evolve, CONSTRO is dedicated to adapting and supporting projects in both thriving and challenging environments, demonstrating our commitment to the broader Benelux region.

The Surge in Demand for Skilled Subcontractors

Despite the varying circumstances in each country, the ongoing transformation within the construction industry continues to amplify the demand for skilled professionals capable of transforming architectural visions into reality. Electricians, in particular, have emerged as professionals who can power and connect our modern world. It‘s necessary to note that across 40-80% of all EU countries, skilled manual trades, including electricians, face severe shortages, including in the region of the mentioned countries. Given the ongoing construction upswing and current labor shortages, it’s evident that subcontractors will continue to be in high demand, playing a pivotal role in shaping the industry’s future. At CONSTRO, we take pride in contributing to this thriving environment. Our skilled subcontractor services, specializing in electrical and welding expertise, align seamlessly with the construction aspirations of both Belgium and the Netherlands. We’re here to support and lead the way in the upcoming growth of subcontracting needs in the dynamic Benelux construction landscape.

Predicting the Construction Landscape in Benelux: Navigating Change

Looking Ahead

As we continue navigating the Benelux construction industry dynamics and beyond, we remain deeply committed to being more than just subcontractors. Our journey in Belgium and the Netherlands is a testament to CONSTRO’s adaptability, expertise, and commitment to quality. We are proud to be part of the construction industry’s growth story in this dynamic region, and we invite you to join us on this exciting journey toward a brighter, more sustainable future in construction.