Imagine – a client who is made just for you. Isn’t that every company’s dream? Unfortunately, there is no Tinder app for such needs. However, after having an interview with our head of the sales department – Martynas Šmaižys, and collecting additional data, we are here to help. This article will answer questions such as – how to find a client in the construction sector, how to maintain its relationship, and what is the main goal of this procedure. We will give you knowledge based on our personal experiences and various research.

How to know what client to look for?

How do we find our matching puzzle piece? First, set your goals as it will give you a clear focus on your business’s direction. Then, choose the main elements that are your priority. Martynas suggests focusing on your company’s activity, financial level, and approach to the market. With these steps, you will be able to narrow down your target audience based on your own needs. 

First minutes with the client

You managed to get your first date; the question is – how to deliver a good first impression? We advise you to sell the meeting and not the product. In 2021 HubSpot made research, which stated that 60% of the clients are more likely to connect later – after they made evaluations on the available market. In other words, you have a few minutes to make an imposing impression before receiving a second call. Martynas’ secret on how to do it – make it personal. Ask questions regarding what problems have been encountered and ensure that it will not happen with you. A great help is having a portfolio as it gives a possibility to the client to learn about the quality and type of your service as well as the general project’s flow.

A portfolio will help as by generating and introducing it, the client has a possibility to learn about the quality and type of your service as well as the general project’s flow.

Maintaining relationship

Now as you managed to make a good first impression, you have to deepen and maintain your relationship. Usually, salespeople are the “first contact” to the client, so it is quite common that they become the face of the company. As the construction industry is highly competitive, it is the salespeople’s job to build a strong connection with the client as that will add predominance in the rivalry of price tags. Even though cold calls are an essential part of the mentioned process, it should be used only to break through the first contact. Our head of sales advice is to focus more on increasing the number of live introductory – face-to-face meetings. We have seen that such technique gives control to shift emotional level and help the client to empathize with the company. If live meetings are not possible – prioritize video calls. In 2020 3veta made research, which stated that 60% of clients prefer video connection compared to other methods. Give questions as to how the project is going, if there are any issues, and be interested in your company’s performing work.

Crisis management

The past few years have brought challenges due to events happening in the world. It affected businesses and client-supplier relationships. Therefore, Martynas suggests that in moments of crisis your management tool is – compromises. Asking how your company can help, is an effective way to maintain a relationship and look for the best option to minimalize financial damages. Listen to the client and be flexible, whether they want to finish the project quicker or postpone it. In 2020 survey was made by Shep Hyken, which stated that 96% of clients would consider switching their supplier due to poor customer service. That is why our Head of Sales concluded that providing flexible solutions regarding financial challenges becomes a huge trust driver for clients. Be willing to shift your plans if needed and it might not only help you to avoid damages but also consolidate your relationship with the client.

Long term relationship

Now that the first butterflies are over, what’s the next step? We are saying – commitment and a long-term relationship. Don’t sweat it, it might seem like a lot, but it is the main goal, which brings many benefits to the table. From the company’s point of view, it will bring stability and a possibility to grow. We feel that working with the best corporations in various countries brings network possibilities and security for a lifetime. From a technical point of view – it becomes easier to deal with emerging issues which leads to better results in projects and administration itself. So how can you reach this phase? Follow the steps mentioned above and put your company’s strengths on the high point. As we are working in multiple countries our legal terms are very strong, therefore there a very little to no issues regarding administrational work. However, be sure not to rest on laurels. If you come to a problem, admit it and fix it. In 2018 Sprout Social made a survey, which illustrated that 9 in 10 people would give a second chance to a company, which is and has a history of transparency and tells its story as it is.

Adding everything up 

As it was mentioned, the construction sector is highly competitive. If your provided service does not meet the expectations of the client you will not reach success. Therefore, the production department has to make sure that everything is done on their side. However, if that is done and you can manage to build a work relationship with the client it will let you stand out from the crowd. Based on all the topics that we‘ve discussed, we can say one thing – follow these pieces of advice, build a connection and it will become a core of your successful business.