Our colleague Steffen made a successful career in CONSTRO and that‘s why has denied one of the biggest myth that only Lithuanians can work in Germanian companies and not opposite. The Head of the Electrical Department in Germany Steffen is telling us about the beginning of his career, experience, and his goals working in CONSTRO.

Career prospects

I have started to work in a Foreman position in CONSTRO. Later, I have gotten an offer to become the Head of the Electrical Department in Germany from our company’s Management Department. Of course, I have accepted (smiles). Because I am a calm colleague, I am cheering up in quiet. Now I have much more responsibilities, but I am happy working this job.

Working in CONSTRO and colleagues

Working in CONSTRO and career prospects motivates and pleasantly surprises me. In Germanian companies dominate a strong hierarchy. At higher positions are working people with their own intends. That‘s why is pretty difficult to get a promotion in Germany. Here in CONSTRO, everything has happened very fast for me. But I couldn’t say that by itself. The most joyful thing in CONSTRO is that in this company you are valued for your personal, working qualities, and achievements. The liberal corporate governance policy is particularly gratifying because new suggestions and ideas are openly and positively accepted here. My colleagues still amaze me when they are calling on a business question and before going down to business, they ask me – do I have time or can I speak. The German would call and go straight to the point. It’s great to get help and reinforcement from colleagues as well as the Management Department – I can always call, ask or consult with them. I really appreciate the trust they put in me because the Management Department gives me freedom of decision on many issues.

Before starting to work in CONSTRO, I checked what is being written about the Lithuanian mentality. Lithuanians are described as closed, careful, keeping their distance, they need more time to get used to it. And it’s true. But when you communicate with them for longer, you see how cute they are. Sometimes colleagues bring mushrooms, fish, or other homemade food as a gift what was really unexpected and pleasantly surprised. At the time, when I have started to work in CONSTRO, it was also very surprising to get a welcome kit. It was a very pleasant gesture that has left a great impression.

Impressions in the new position

I feel well accepted, respected, with authority. The atmosphere itself is very good. It is nice to work here. I was a Manager for the employees at the site from the beginning. Because I am German, they took me even more seriously, kept the distance, which I did not like very much. There are rules, respect, but I also want an open conversation with the employee. When they saw that I am not “biting” (laughing) and talking with them kindly, they were no longer so careful. The structure is needed to avoid excessive improvisations at the site, but we are putting out forces to show employees that each is an important part of our company.

About the biggest challenges and their solutions

The biggest challenge is the employees themselves at the sites. Sometimes seems you say, you teach, and he still does as he did. I would like him to ask as many times as he needs until he really understands. Stubbornness is the dominant feature of the Lithuanians, which can certainly be attributed to the challenges. We are promoting and implementing an openness policy in the company, so we will face this challenge less and less in the future when they realize that asking or not knowing something is not a crime.

Goals at work

My goal is to contribute to the development and growth of CONSTRO in Germany. I believe that this business management model and approach can lead us to even greater success. It is very important to me that my and the company’s values coincide – we are focused on both the employee and the customer. I believe that the conditions created for employees to grow and improve – lead us on the path of progress, encourage employee loyalty and foster a personal relationship with the employee. We are taking care of our staff that they would take care of our customers to provide the highest quality services.